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Bug Swatter & Insect Killers

Nobody is excited about having bugs in their house.

Whether they’re , flies, cockroaches, or mosquitos, your first instinct is likely to get rid of them straight away.

To find the best bug-killing gear available, we turned to experienced pest control experts and we’ve tested flyswatters, and an assortment of insect killers to make our recommendations on the best insect swatter / bug killer.

This guide is mostly about dealing with mosquitos and flies.

If you need to kill outdoor bugs, there are bug repellent, wasp and hornet sprays, and mosquito control gear.

There’s one bug-killing tool – bug zappers, which work really well outdoors.

After testing flyswatters (and killing hundreds of flies in the process) we believe the best option is the Plastic Fly Swatter.

It’s the longest flyswatter we tested, so the head naturally moves a little faster than others, and it has a slightly better reach.

Another great choice is the leather insect swatter. The wire handle has just the right amount of flex, which creates a satisfying whip as the swat makes contact.

The plastic swatter’s one drawback is that it is not durable— one lasts about one summer of hard use—but the fact is, hardly any swatters are made well, and this is a case where going cheap is simplest.

The plastic insect swatter are cheap and typically comes in a pack of 10, so if you have to replace a pair after a year of swatting, it’s not a big deal.

Insect swatting a fly is more about technique than the tool you’re using, so if you already have a flyswatter you like, you may as well stick with it.

Flies rely heavily on sight and have a nervous system that is x10 times faster than humans’.

So when you’re swatting flies, the key is that you don’t want to be visible and you want to be as fast as you possibly can.

One way to gain a speed advantage is to use a swatter with a longer handle.